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My passion for horses began in my first year of secondary school whilst on a school trip to the heavy horse centre. From that day onwards, I spent all my spare time at local riding school learning not only to ride, but how to care for horses too.

Several years later, after developing my knowledge and experience with a variety of different horses, I then had the opportunity to work for several yards in different locations across the UK gaining even more experience especially with young horses as well as competition horses.

In 2010, I took on a project of my own. I was approached by a friend of the family, who offered Buzz , a 16.2 warmblood x TB as a project as he had severe anxiety issues meaning, amongst other things, he was difficult to mount. Several horse owners including professionals deemed Buzz as unrideable and concerns were aired regarding my safety.


I worked with Buzz, alone for several hours a day, we gained that bond which then, in time turned into a brilliant partnership and I could talk all day long about our achievements. Buzz will always be slightly anxious in new environments and around new people but I have learnt so much from this horse, we make a great team.

Buzz exceeded my expectations, not only did he allow me to start working with him , he also has many placing and winnings to his name at both unaffiliated and affiliated competitions. We competed at Scope in 2011 , jumped on the national teams three times and won the east midlands showjumping league. As we won the league, we quailed for the national championships in 2015, in which we also won. I am very proud of our achievements, even more so with this horse as he was difficult to say the least.

In 2015, I had some terrible news which not only changed my life , it made me realise how short life is and although I enjoyed my job at the time, I knew I would much prefer working with horses again so I decided to take the plunge and set up RH Equine.

Since 2015, RH Equine has offered many services including sales, training and show support. We have been an agent which involved matching horses to clients as well as buying our own horses to produce and sell. I have held my own clinics and events as well as travel abroad for 3 months schooling and competing in California for more experience in which I have brought home to share with my clients. I am very much looking forward to what the future holds and will welcome any new clients with open arms.

For more information about Roxanne and her team of horses, please click on the link – Meet the team