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Managing Director

Roxanne Hennebery

After several years grooming and riding for many equestrian establishments in the UK, Roxanne took the plunge and set up RH Equine in 2015. As well as her equine experience, Roxanne had worked in Business improvement , Sales and Customer service therefore adding her hobby to the mix seemed the best career move yet.

The business quickly grew, from offering DIY livery to Full boarding, training and sales RH equine expanded and has managed to source and sell hundreds of horses all over the UK and abroad for both herself and for clients.

Traveling all over the country as well as Ireland and USA to ride, school and compete, she learnt different methods along the way to bring back home to use on her own and her clients development.

Roxanne learnt to ride at Weelsby Park Equestrian Centre when she was 11 years old. From the minute she sat on a horse, her days were spent at the equestrian centre riding and learning everything she needed to know going forward. A career in horses was in mind from the offset. Although she knew that in order to be successful, other training and life experience was needed to give her the best shot at running a successful business.

Previously enjoying all three disciplines, she developed a love for showjumping and rode for the area 24 team ( Lincolnshire ) on three occasions. Roxanne enjoys the sport and competes regularly nationwide with view to enjoy the major championships each year.

Whilst it is nice to be the champion of the competitions in which she enters, Roxanne believes that ‘good things come to those who wait’ and that the production of any horse should not be rushed. A horses mind should be allowed to learn at a controlled pace with the horses health and well being as paramount.



James Boulton

James’ equine education began with Ian Woodhead, at the time of Weelsby Park Equestrian Centre.

Initially James focused in the discipline of show jumping and competed at Foxhunter level before switching to dressage. Aged 16 James moved to “The Talland School of Equitation” in Cirecester, whilst here James was gifted a scholarship from Pammy Hutton and remained at Talland for five years.

Whilst training to complete his BHS stage 4 exam, James represented Great Britain riding Europa Panache on junior teams, competed up to Prix St George dressage and competed young riders with Flying Scott.

James was head lad for Adam Kemp who he trained with daily, Adam was the first and youngest member of the BHS to achieve his Fellowship in pure dressage and James assisted in the development of horses from youngsters up to Grand Prix level. Whilst working with Adam James had the opportunity to train with coaches such as George and Monica Theodorescu, Paul Fielder, Molly Sivewright, Trisha Gardener and many others.

After a twenty year break due to work commitments James has returned to dressage and in his short time has won two regional titles, represented Northern England at the Home International and continues to develop towards his goal of Grand Prix. James has a keen passion in developing horse and rider and specialises in the training of young horses from the ground.

In 2019 James started a breeding program under the suffix “Ginleys Stud” in their first year they produced an elite foal, graded with British Futurity and was invited to the elite dressage auction.

With the knowledge James offers from the ground , Roxanne will partner with James to produce young horses and educate those who are needing to improve both on the flat and over a fence. With a knowledgeable eye from the ground and a lightweight experienced rider on board. They have the perfect recipe to ensure that the horses have the best start and that all horses, whatever the age or chosen discipline are are sold to the correct homes.

Contact Roxanne on 07527941722 if your are interested in our Schooling or Sales packages.