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Hoping to put your mind at rest..

Unfortunately there are a few allegations flying around regarding myself and RH Equine. I would like the opportunity to put your mind at rest or at least give you an idea on whats happening here and how I work so you then have the opportunity to decide if you wish to use my services in the future.
One of the most recent allegations is strangles.

neg tst 1

Please find attached my NEGATIVE strangles result from April – the time in which people have been concerned about following recent posts.
This issue was addressed at the time , RH Equine was on ‘shut down’ and local riders were made aware. A statement was put online at the time.
There is NOT a strangles scare on my yard but tomorrow (02/08/2016) my main competition horse is being tested to put other riders minds at rest. ( all other horses have been in contact with him and he shares fields with many others ) – this result will be made public.
NO horses on my yard are poorly or are showing any signs.
I must add also, we have recently sold a pony to Scotland who can confirm a negative strangles reading. Said pony was stabled at RH Equine quite some time and had been in contact with most horses here, both liveries and Irish sales horses.

I made an application to the companies house a few weeks ago for a VOLUNTARY strike off. The information being passed around saying I owe money and that’s why i’m being struck off, is false.

I decided a few weeks ago to go independent and sell my own horses or sales liveries – see my blog (changes from July) and date in which this was posted (June)


There is a genuine reason for this and since then I have had a lot of problems with regards to rumors not only about strangles but other issues too.
In business, things are not always plain sailing, but rest assured that any horses sold that are owned by me are always welcome back if they are not suitable.

As I have previously sold horses on behalf of a dealer, I have simply been the middle man and have been led by both customer and dealer to source horses or resolve any issues. As I only receive a commission, any refunds are taken up with the dealer so people saying I owe money to customers is false as I clearly never owned the horse in the first place. Commission that has been earned on dealers horses has been set by myself taking into account how much work I put into said horse and livery / feed costs.

I can confirm that I have not ‘ripped’ anyone off and the decision to stop selling on behalf of my main contacts was my choice entirely.

I would like to thank all of those who have supported me and who have decided to keep there horses in my care. I would also like to thank local equestrian businesses who have confirmed I am welcome anytime and I am of course, not banned from any competition yard.

I completely understand those who have been concerned and thank you for asking me out right or visiting me today to ask for information, i’m pleased I could put your mind at rest.

I WILL NOT BE REPLYING TO ANY POSTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA – this is not because ‘i’m guilty’ . I have taken professional advice in which I will follow.
thank you

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