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Changes from July 2016

As from July 2016, RH Equine will be changing for the better!

You will be able to buy from us in confidence as we will aim to have the horse enough time to see how they behave in different areas before offering them for sale.
Previously, we worked on behalf of clients based in UK and Ireland. The horses would be advertised after a short assessment and then sold. We would like to keep them slightly longer and see how they handle different situations and there will be an option for people to view them out and about at events also. They will only be offered for sale once tested and tried long enough to see if the horse has any quirks or vices.

This will mean that we wont be doing any ‘quick turnarounds’ or selling the horse within the first week like we used too as although this worked very well and we sold many nationwide , I do not feel I can sell that horse in confidence until I have known it longer.

Some will be produced to a competition level and then sold, some will just be kept long enough to ensure suitability.

We will be offering horses for everyone which includes :
Happy hackers
Competition horses
and eventually foals ( we have recently bought our first broodmare)

Each horse will be available for viewings here in Lincolnshire and are open to a vet and trainer.
We will recommend two viewings to ensure suitability.
A deposit will be taken and will only be refunded should the horse fail a vetting. The horse must be collected within 7 days or a livery charge will be added.

There will be a 28 day money back guarantee minus a 15% fee. This will be on horses that are owned by RH Equine and not on sales livery horses. Sale livery horses will be sold with an agreement made between buyer and seller, not RH Equine but they will be test drove and open for viewings etc, the same as our own.
It will clearly state on the advert if the horse is being sold by RH Equine or on behalf of a client (sales livery)

We will be offering sales livery at a reduced rate to existing customers after the 28 day period for those who may need to sell there horse for whatever reason.

I hope to continue to source quality horses to all my amazing customers , just bare with me whilst I spend longer to assess them!

As well as offering horses for sale, we have our livery yard which offers :
DIY ( currently full )

Thank you


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