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RH Equine on tour!

Well, im back from Ireland!

Those who have been following me on facebook will know that RH Equine took their first ‘tour’ to Ireland and went to the Cavan Performance Sales and Gorsebridge Sales.
Not only did we attend the sales, we also went to ride the sales horses at my main contacts yard in Roscommon.

ireland 139


Ive sold alot of horses for my main contact direct from ireland, it was nice to be there and to ride them personally so it was easier to assess them for the adverts! Manage to sell one of them before even i got back to the UK!

ireland 156

ireland 211

The sales were a really good experience, brilliant facilities and lovely horses and people! I made some good contacts there and hope to do business with a few good contacts going forward.

The horses at Cavan were all vetted prior to the sale which I thought was a brilliant idea and the opportunity to try the horses at both Cavan and Gorsebridge was reassuring.

ireland 086

Usually the horses I buy or sell on behalf of my contact from ireland are either sent to myself or new owners direct so i have never had the opportunity or the need to attend the sales before. Im really pleased I have this time and will be hoping to head back at least 3 times a year.

So… what did I buy???

6316 004

I bought Dublin at Cavan! He is a lovely 16hh 6yr old chestnut gelding! he has mainly hunted and XC but he was jumping coloured poles in the warm up at ease. Hacks out perfectly. It was his temperament that encouraged me to put that bid in! He was so laid back in such a busy environment!

My main contact bought a couple also which I rode back at hers in between Cavan and Gorsebridge, I also rode some of the others in which i have been advertising. All lovely and I wanted to take them all home!

ireland 246

Goresbridge was also really good, fantastic facilities and really nice horses and people!
I bought a lovely 15hh 13yr old school mistress , the owner had owned her 9yrs , I had the opportunity to talk to her for a while and they chatted about what they have achieved within those 9 years which was lovely to hear! Im hoping to find her a lovely competition home shortly!


So, over all the trip was very successful! I will be going again and bringing more horses home as well as riding the horses at Roscommon.

I did actually like 2 of them that much, I have brought them home to sell, but one of which sold before it got to me which is nice in one sense, I was hoping to have a bit of fun on her before she left though!

thanks for reading! stay tuned for further updates !

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