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Equine Sports UK Championships


Enjoyable experience at Equine Sports UK 

We have just come back from the championships which was held at Arena UK for 3 days!

Both Buzz and Belle took part in the full 3 days, they were on their best behaviour at all times and tried there best in each of their classes.

The event took over 2000 entries , the classes were full and each ring had something different . There were showing classes, dressage, show jumping and more. Lots to watch and take part in!

Belle was first up in the dressage scoring 66% which placed her into 13th out of 29 competitors, Buzz scored 63% in his class placing him 19th out of 32. This wasn’t his best score by any means, he scored 69% the weekend before but we all have off days. His test felt nicer than it scored but still, he tried his best and it was a big arena with lots of decorations and flowers to look at so overall I was pleased.  It was only Belles fourth dressage test so I was equally as pleased with her.

They both went on to jump in the afternoon , Buzz got very excited by all the horses and ponies in the warm up ring so he wasn’t really focused in the ring meaning we had a pole. Belle placed 4th in the same class.

The next day was the big showjumping championships, the aim of today was to get through to the Grand Prix on Sunday. The showjumping classes were very busy, both horses came in the top 10 in there classes meaning they qualified for the next day.  The top 20 went through to Sunday.

Saturday evening after the jumping, I was interviewed by horse and country tv. The whole event was televised and will be on horse and country tv early September – stay tuned!


We finished the event on a good note jumping both horses in the Grand Prix! Just out of the placings but they jumped very well and I couldn’t have asked any more of either of them! There was some strong competition at the event and we enjoyed being there, soaking up the atmosphere and meeting some lovely people.

I would like to thank my new sponsor Recipy for proving me with a lovely show jacket to ride in ! Please find them in facebook to find out how you could order one just like the one I’m wearing in the photos 🙂

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