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May 2018

Time flys doesnt it? Those who follow me will know that I am very active on social media but for some reason I have completely forgotten that my blog exists by the looks of things so I want to apologise to those who enjoy my posts and not on social media, meaning you wouldn’t have had a clue what I’ve been doing for the past year! well the good news is, I am still alive 😉

I don’t even know where to start. I want to say ive had an amazing year but unfortunately I cant. Ive had a 50/50 year! So lets talk about some of the 50% nice things first shall we!

Hickstead! 2017 was amazing! I had such a fab time, jumped some good classes with Heath ( who I have now sold to a lovely lady who also owns 3 others sold by myself )
It was such an amazing experience jumping at such a well known venue but also I had great pleasure in competing Heath who came to me green as grass! I felt a sense of achievement there, for sure!

I am returning to Hickstead this year on new ride, Robin ( who I bought just over a month ago ) We are enjoying getting to know each other at the moment but so far so good, we seem to understand each other which is always a good start! We have competed at Arena UK, Bishop Burton, Willow Banks to name a few – produced some good clears with decent placings. We just need some fine tuning and can then hopefully start moving up the heights soon. We are currently enjoying getting to know each other over the 1.05 / 1.10 classes.

2017, I went to USA and jumped for a lovely owner over there called Mary. Mary had a number of horses in which she bred herself and I had great pleasure in schooling and competing them in California which is an opportunity I feel blessed to have had. I learnt so much over there, The knowledge I came back with was unbelievable.
Any bad habits I had learnt over the years , were ironed out ( well, nearly – they tried 😉 ) and my riding improved so much over the period of time I was there.
I had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people, ride some quality horses and I am really looking forward to going back to visit shortly ( Im heading back this year for a holiday, so excited!! )

My 2017 foal is now a year old! Can you believe it!!
She is growing into a beautiful young lady and if not sold before hand, Ill look forward to breaking her in as a three year old with view to compete her in the future. I will welcome viewings on her though as I did breed this beauty to sell sadly. ( cant keep them all ) She would make a lovely event type. Her dressage and jumping lines are top!

2017, after my trip to the states I found myself in a new relationship, This is actually really important to you RH Equine followers as Jason and I are now looking at running the business together. I’m sure most of you would have met him anyway but If you haven’t, you will do. He is doing a great job helping me out on the NEW yard ( ill explain later ) and is learning to ride himself on new horse Beau!
He also keeps me sane when things don’t always go quite to plan, so he is definitely a keeper! 😉
Talking about being a keeper… he proposed!! We got engaged recently and are really happy. Our wedding is already booked for next year ( I don’t mess about ) – I did tell you a lot had happened this past year. 😉

So, our new yard! ( Deep Breath ) Just after my foal was born, Sadly the yard I had put so much time and effort into vanished ( not literally obviously , but it happened that quickly )
Ill not go into the ins and outs of it but I found myself , through no fault of my own having to find homes for several horses as well as my own competition horses and my liveries.
My business was built up on the back of my fiance passing away so for that to happen was just heartbreaking. I literally had to rip down my stables, find homes for horses and put my business on a back step for a little while. California came at a good time to get away with view to come back and start fresh but it also couldn’t have come at a worse time as my mum got diagnosed with breast canter around the same time. ( When it rains, it pours! )
I knew that California was a once in a life time opportunity and so did my family , So with promises made to stay in touch throughout the whole duration, I left for the states and my mum and I had some quality time together on my return.

Once I returned from the states, family came first and I spent some time with my mum. I also needed time to think about how to go about my business with no yard to work from so I took a little time out to get my head around a few things. There was a tiny thought process of giving up as I wasn’t sure if I had the energy to rebuild what I had lost but like I said, it was only a tiny thought – clearly!

Shortly after mums treatment, my poor dad then also got diagnosed with cancer! I find myself asking the same questions some times which are, Really?? Come on… how many things can happen to one family! oh and… how are we still strong and kinda normal? Still waiting for the lasting damage to kick in from all those knock backs , to honest I think we are just learning to deal with situations that arise. We cant change them so its looking at options and getting through things together as a family. Dad is now undergoing treatment and our fingers are crossed for him to get better soon. Im keeping him occupied with my Show jumping – Dad really knows his jump of turns and good times you know! Never sat on a horse but is really clever at turns and where I need at a certain time to be in the placings etc. Its always fun when dads around ! He has no fear either, my mum on the other hand watches with one eye shut!

So, My new yard!
Im always one to try and look at positives even when things maybe are not always that great. I suppose its my way of dealing with every day, I like things to look forward to and I wanted to rebuilt my business. It was a good business before with loads of happy stories to tell, It would be a silly idea to give up!

Me and my partner Jason decided to move to a lovely home with stables attached. This way , I can run my business from home and we can enjoy the yard together.
It was scary moving to a new area and taking on such a huge responsibility but I am one to take a chance or two and thank god we did.
Just a few months in, The yard is now full of fab clients and horses, we cater for schooling, sales, full, part, assisted DIY and breaking livery. As the facilities are better than ive had before , Im now able to offer coaching from home which is really lovely and I also do confidence boosting training days etc which are really well turned out & enjoyed by many.

We have gone from having an empty yard to a full house with people on the waiting list. We work so so hard so its great to see it paying off.

Whilst I was moving into the new premises, I also bought another business called ‘ Ultimate Bling’ so as well as offering my schooling an coaching services, I can offer you some sparkle with bling browbands, brides and much more. I haven’t really managed to get this one of its feet yet but I will do, now I have managed to employ a member of staff or two, I will hopefully find some time to promote that business more effectively.

Im lucky enough to have a fantastic team mentioned below who offer me so much support as well as my sponsors.
– Camilla ( Groom )
– Katy ( Rider )
– Visible Equine ( Sponsor )
– Gate House riding hats ( Sponsor )
– Mobile Medical Cover ( Sponsor )
and of course Jason and my family.

Im looking forward to what the future holds, its going to be a busy one! but, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you got this far, thank you for reading! Ill try and blog more often so its not as long next time!

I would like to hope that my posts inspire those who would like to set up a business or work within the equine industry.
I haven’t come from a horsey background and have had to work really hard to get where I am now with plenty of emotional and financial hurdles along the way. But, here I am living my dream working for myself, doing something I enjoy. You CAN do this! As long as your work ethic is there, you’ll get there!

Good luck for the season guys and you know where I am if you need me 🙂


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