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Well, well well! What a busy few months here at RH Equine!!

We have our first ever foal , born May 17th 2017!! She is absolutely gorgeous and I am so in love ! Lilly is such a fantastic mum and her daughter, Maybl is just divine! We couldn’t be more proud. Both Mum and Sire are extremely well bred – Mother has jumping lines such as Voltaire, Concorde & Numero Uno . Sire is Cyden Bodyguard Mooreland who is by Gribaldi x Negro x Cocktail. We are hoping for a successful career for this little one, although Im sure she is not going to stay little!! Look at those legs!

Recently I got invited to jump at a ‘fun’ class at Willow Banks EC. It took part during there big puissance show which is always popular with riders and spectators.
The class I was invited to jump along with another 7 riders consisted of 4 rounds ( 8 fences). Starting at 1m , each rider chose a fence to go up on each round.
It was such a good class, with good riders and fantastic jumping horses. We somehow ended up at 1m48. Heath finished on 8 faults over all putting us in joint 4th place. He was an absolulte star and was popular with the crowd. He really did give spectators something to watch with his huge jump that seems to come from no where. Bless him hes only 15.3, and quite short and compact. At at only 7, I think this horse has a positive future – really excited!

At the end of this month, I will be traveling to California to compete for an owner. I will be needed for approx 3 months and will be jumping the young horses as well as more advanced at affiliated shows.
This is an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down , after sending my videos and results to the owner of the yard – I was hoping to be considered but never thought I would be quite good enough as im sure there would have been other riders apply who have had the international experience. To receive the email ( on my birthday ) to say I have been considered and then to tell me to book my flight and Visa, I was just shocked but so happy that I had been chosen from many to compete top horses abroad.
The position lasts throughout the summer so I will be back in time to aim for the winter qualifiers and championships on my own horses.
I will be updating you all on my facebook page and my blog when I can whilst im away, I want you to come on this journey with me ! It will be a fab experience. Hopefully it wont be hugely different to the shows here so it shouldn’t then take me long to get into the swing of things!

My Clinics and lessons are going really well, I hold them at various locations across Lincolnshire and teach mainly novice or nervous riders, although I do and can cater for riders hoping to ‘aim higher’.
Ive seen some good results from my riders who keep me posted regularly, I am really passionate about helping my riders achieve their goals, however small or big.
I haven’t come from a horsey background meaning I may have had to work slightly harder than some who have been brought up around ponies then horses etc but It does make me appreciate and understand the riders who have maybe started slightly later in life or who suffer with nerves in and out the show ring. I didn’t start competing at any kind of height until I was in my 20s. I did some lower level shows in my late teens and rode for others at ‘home’ but I was very new to the sport and very nervous when out competing due to the lack of experience, knowledge and I suffered a bit of stage fright.
I’m 29 now and have competed at national events , won national events and been placed at other top competitions all on horses I have produced myself.
I am going to Hickstead for the first time next week on Heath and we are just going to go and have fun , If we put to much pressure on ourselves It will not end well! ( must remember that on the day )

As well as teaching adults who may have started later or suffer from nerves, I teach children as young as 4. Oh my, they are so cute! And the ponies are even cuter! I love seeing the children smiling ear to ear after they have been ‘super brave’ showing me how high they can jump!

I must say that out of all the the different elements of my job, Teaching is one of my favorites. When i return from USA, I will be hoping to be accepted on to a show jumping specific coaching course which means I will be a qualified professional show jumping coach and can offer riders even more knowledge and skills that I already offer with my equine background.

I will be letting you know how I get on at Hickstead! And then of course whilst im on travels!

But those who are currently enjoying my clinics , shows and clear round evenings – don’t worry! Whilst im away things will run as normal – I have a lady stepping in my place who Im sure you will all love, she is similar to myself – producing horses , schooling green horses and has the same calm, patient understanding approach that I do. Look out for dates on my Facebook page 🙂

Speak soon guys! Thanks for reading 🙂

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