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Summary of 2015

2015 has had alot of ups and downs with regards to my own personal life, sadly my fiance passed away in April 2015 in a tragic motorbike accident whilst on duty. We was due to marry in December 2015.
After a couple of months trying to get my head around what had happened, I picked up the horses again in hope to have something positive to focus on.
My blog was rarely updated throughout 2015 as I wasnt in the right frame of mind but I am here now, writing to you all. Starting 2016 as I mean to go on with lots of posts about how we are doing both at home at away at shows!

I dont know where to start with 2015 really, I headed out to a few shows early summer and gained a few double clears with Buzz, my 18yr old gelding , those of you who have been following me for a while will know of Buzz very well. He is a lovely 16.2 warmblood X TB who I bought for a pound, unrideable horse who I re trained as a 13yr old. Difficult, but worth it!

After Russ passed, I took myself to shows that were a good few hours away at first. So I could just be me, compete and go home. Although I wanted to see friends, I knew how difficult it would be seeing everyone so soon.
In time, I started competing at the local venues again and it was nice to see everyone. I qualified for a few championships and stayed away at a few shows during the summer with friends.
I bought some more horses to compete and to sell in which I did do and of course, that kept me rather busy to say the least.
I had an interview on horse and country TV at one of the championships held at Arena UK in the summer, Russ was mentioned which put a lump in my throat and watching it back always brings tears to my eyes.


We won the east midlands jumping league and headed to the national championships. We won one of the classes, 2nd in the other. We jumped on the Lincolnshire Showjumping team also.
buzz champs 2

Buzz had his last show at Arena UK in september, I have decided to retire him as we have done so much together in the 5 years we have been together and its now time for him to rest, enjoy the odd hack out now and then. He has done me proud.

I managed to sell roughly 50 horses in 2015, some at my yard and some direct from Ireland.
I got made redunant from my office job December 2015 and then decided that after having a successful start with RH Equine , I was to continue and allow it to grow and do what I love as a full time profession.

In 2015, I have met some lovely people, bought and sold some fantastic horses and kept in touch with new owners. I have plenty of trips booked for this year both personal and horse related. I have also employed a member of staff to help me out at the yard and competitions which will be a godsend!

I gained 4 sponsors in 2015, I hope to continue to make them proud!

I have also started Modeling in 2015 which I love and hope to continue to do! I was lucky enough to use Buzz, my own horse for one of the shoots too! The photos were used in the Horse and Hound, Eventing, Country Living and Syle Reins Magazines as well as on the big screens at Burghley Horse Trials which was very strange, to be walking around seeing my face everywhere was something I hadnt experienced before!


I think its safe to say im busy , but thats how I have always been and how I like to be. Loosing Russ has been an awful experience in which I wouldnt wish on anyone. Everything I do, I have him at the front of my mind , In hope he is watching me and that im doing him proud.

Many people ask me how im doing it, how I manage to get out of bed in the morning. The answer to that questions is, I have no idea. One minute it was April 2015, now its Feburary 2016. All I know is ive learnt alot, ive learnt not to take anything for granted , live life to the full and be thankful of every day. Life is so short, I have gone from being the happiest women alive with my perfect life to a lost little girl. Its not easy, it never will be but I am never one to quit,even if sometimes I feel like it. Life goes on with or without Russ unfortunately and I need to make sure I make the most of my life as that is what he would have wanted. It goes without saying that I miss him every minute of every day but im lucky enough to have family, friends and the horses as support! Thanks Guys!

Thank you for following me , It really does mean alot! Heres to a successful 2016 !


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