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Sophie Anne

When I First stumbled across RH Equine, I was nervous and unsure.
Roxanne and James were so understanding and reassured me that all our needs and more would be taken care of!
Honestly I cannot fault the work they have done with Sam, he is a completely different horse and I am a different rider!
I would highly recommend

Sophie Anne

Nicky Baker

I’ve been struggling to school my mare since April this year and had very little success. She can be quite grumpy and stuffy in the school and this combined with my inexperience left me very frustrated and at a loss. I asked Roxanne to come and school her for me and she has ridden her 5 or 6 times now and is totally transformed, like a different horse. So flexible and easy to ride. Very pleased, would definitely recommend. She is a very calm quiet rider which suited my mare and has been able to bring out the best in her.

Nicky Baker

Georgina Whiffing

We have recently purchased nessy from r h equine. She is as described and we continue to get support with her. We weren’t looking for a horse but our daughter fell in love with ness! she is a bit big for our daughter so it is really important that she is safe and as described. 

We have also over Xmas used r h equine for breaking in our younger daughters 12.2, which has gone amazing! Both girls have been able to be involved throughout. We look forward to picking her up Monday.

Georgina Whiffing

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